How to choose the anti virus protection?

Posted on December 22, 2011


Crying over spilled milk is not an attitude of a person who cares so much of her computer files and data. You cannot just sit and feel sorry when you are doing your hectic deadlines for your presentations and suddenly you are mess up by the virus. The kind of positive attitude can always bring you a win-win solution in your problem.

Anti virus protection is the best remedy you can take and rush all your files to undergo the process of checking your inflicted files. Antivirus software must be activated immediately to prevent, detect and remove the virus/spyware. This is not limited to computer viruses alone but also computer worm, adware and Trojan horses.  Take the best initiative to implement the prevention and at the same time removal of threats and existing viruses in your computer applications.

There are varied strategies which you can employ. Take a try on anti virus protection through a signature-based detection involves searching for known patterns of data just within the executable code. But then, it is possible for the computer to be infected when there are new malware that has no signature which is yet known. You can use heuristics to counter act the zero-day threats. This kind of approach, using generic signatures can identify new viruses or variants of the present viruses through looking simply on malicious code or a little change on such code in files.

Other anti virus protection software can also predict the capability of action by the file when run on sandbox. It is there that it is being analyzed to check if there is malicious viruses/spyware on it. Some can impair the performance of your computer and if inexperience users who have trouble in understanding its uses, then prompt some erroneous works to the computer. Incorrect usage of the software and deciding to apply it on any other way may cause a security breach.  This heuristic detection has its success depends on achieving the good balance between the false negative and false positive. Antivirus software is often run at a very high and trusted level of the operating system.

It is always important to secure the best anti virus protection that will not let you down in times your files are at risk of the malware/viruses or spyware. Always bear in mind that getting the right anti-virus software is best achieved through comparing the qualities and performance of each kind. Selecting the best anti virus, there must be the features of such kind of software that can even work efficiently after downloading its latest version. Best one which is like a downloadable features which you can activate the anti-virus even offline.

Choose the kind of anti-virus software that can automatically perform and delete the virus/spyware after giving you some alert using a pop up window. It must significantly trouble shoot and detect the new viruses and existing viruses in your computer without risking the important files and pertinent data being saved in your pc. The key to get the best anti virus protection rely in your wise choice!

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