What are the hidden facts beyond the antivirus protection?

Posted on December 28, 2011


All computer savvy are aware of the high risk in computer viruses because they are always browsing in the internet and visiting many websites due to their needs and curiosity. There are times when you open incidentally the virus site and there your accounts will become vulnerable on the attack of the viruses and spyware. It is for this reason you need to protect your computer/laptop.

Antivirus protection is the good alternative to protect your computer every time you open your favorite website yet you opened the untrusted one. Then, virus can be derived out of your curiosity on such site and sometimes you can be directed to the site where there are viruses. Avoiding the infliction of the virus can best done through using AVG, Avira, Kaspersky, Avast and other antivirus software/programs. Trend Micro AntiVirus plus AntiSpyware now is the indispensable security you need to maintain the cleanliness of your laptop or pc free from viruses. It has the features that can automatically update, scans and reveal the outbreak alerts caused by the existing or new viruses created by some other untrusted sites or due to foreign device which are use or connected to your computer/laptop.

If you have the efficient antivirus protection, you can rest easily knowing that you have the security and systematic, well-organized and ongoing protection against computer worms, malicious viruses, and spyware and Trojan horse programs. This product is awesome in performance and the PC-cillin Internet security engine is well-established with technology which can be dependable especially when you need the protection from unforeseen intrusions.

The key features involves the prevention of unauthorized changes, enhance the cleaner history of your software, develop Web browser cookie management, adjust and make some flexible security warnings, large compatibility of the Microsoft windows vista being installed, it has a good report of security activity and its great trend of installation offers protection against any spyware, damaging viruses, and scans your computer giving a quality protection over isolated file recovery instead of deleting potential / files threatened with unclean viruses. Moreover, the trend of regular updates and enhancements through fixing bugs and other software programs malfunctioned due to unclean files can best fix by this antivirus protection.

Files that have been destroyed by computer viruses are usually damaged beyond recovery. There is antivirus protection through anti-virus software which removes the virus code in the file during disinfection, but this process doesn’t always restore the file to its undamaged state. In such conditions, damaged files can only be repaired from existing backups. That’s why it is very necessary that you have your backups for your files. The installed software in your computer once damaged requires re-installation.

Active antivirus through software can interfere with a firmware update process. Any writeable firmware in the computer can be infested by malicious code. This is a big concern, when an infected BIOS need to be replaced by the actual BIOS chip to make sure that the malicious code is totally removed. A command-line virus scanner like the Clam AV 0.95.2, running a virus signature definition keeps informed, scanning a file and detecting a Trojan but it is the work of the installed antivirus software running on single computer is only one technique of protecting against viruses. Other methods used as antivirus protection are also used such as on-line scanners, firewalls and cloud-based antivirus.

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