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Test Driving Antivirus Software

May 7, 2012


Not everyone has friends or family members who can steer them in the right direction toward the best antivirus software options. And a lot of people struggle to find the time to thoroughly research antivirus tools that are available on the Internet. Researching antivirus software is a necessary part of choosing the right tool for […]

How to Decide on the Right Antivirus Tool

April 27, 2012


Finding the right antivirus tool isn’t as easy as it seems. People all over the world struggle with it everyday. Keeping your computer protected is remarkably important, especially with the advent of spyware and the ease with which one’s financial information can become privy to third parties. If you’re in a position where you need […]

What are the hidden facts beyond the antivirus protection?

December 28, 2011


All computer savvy are aware of the high risk in computer viruses because they are always browsing in the internet and visiting many websites due to their needs and curiosity. There are times when you open incidentally the virus site and there your accounts will become vulnerable on the attack of the viruses and spyware. […]

How to choose the anti virus protection?

December 22, 2011


Crying over spilled milk is not an attitude of a person who cares so much of her computer files and data. You cannot just sit and feel sorry when you are doing your hectic deadlines for your presentations and suddenly you are mess up by the virus. The kind of positive attitude can always bring […]

Scheduling Antivirus Scans for Convenient Time

September 28, 2011


Your antivirus protection is the strongest when besides the ever present real-time monitoring it is also used consistently for deep scans of your whole system and other hard drives. The best virus protection suites are quite hungry for your system resources even  when your computer is quite powerful and boasts lots of spare RAM or […]